Asus Zenfone 6 – Smartphone avec caméra rotative ULTIMATE.

Déballage et révision de l'Asus Zenfone 6 – Un test de la caméra rotative Zenfone 6, de sa batterie, de ses spécifications et de ses paramètres de jeu!

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44 thoughts on “Asus Zenfone 6 – Smartphone avec caméra rotative ULTIMATE.

  1. Awesome vlog!! I just got this device and have spent a week with it. It really does not have any major weakness much like the Note 9 which I think held the place of the best smartphone ever made and that even today is easily still top 5 best flagships. The 6z offers almost identical specs and the same goes for the user experience less the S Pen that is unique to the Note series only. MrWhosTheBoss is awesome and creates the best and most accurate content on youtube. No bias. He does not buy in to hype or write off smartphones because of their name recognition or the price either. He allows both the specs and real world experience to dictate what he offers his viewers. One of if the best content creator on YouTube. The Zenfone 6z is as every bit the flagship he says it is in this vlog.

  2. what I love about ASUS
    is that for the money you can trust your not going to be skimped on Hardware.
    same for their laptops and etc.

    other brands will bump other their lower tiers, and charge higher tiers.
    ASUS is honest in that way I find
    I think that is neat, that selfie and rear cameras are one and the same,
    that is good! you save on camera hardware

    kool phone!

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