Chères entreprises de smartphones.

Deux choses que je veux aborder concernant les smartphones modernes – Faites-moi savoir si vous êtes d'accord!
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50 thoughts on “Chères entreprises de smartphones.

  1. The real problems are righly pointed out.
    Especially the last point.
    So much we've come, still the problems like scratches in the body and cracks in display needs to addressed in high end phones atleast.

  2. I dont agree with the econd partmaking the back of the phone more scratch ressistant will make it cost more to make,in return it will cost more to buy,instead of getting the phone normaly and getting a strong clear phone case

  3. Apple: Creates Phone
    Apple: If we make it another inch wider, we can fit another 8 cameras!
    Everyone: What’s it called
    Apple: The 12s plus pro max limited edition, 2019.

  4. peasantile mongralistic nincompoop headed peni pissers, I just ordered my iPhone 12 pro plus max extreme s c se XR XS air extra late 2019 model with 2tb of nand flash pro extreme storage and the back is one giant fragile sapphire glass camera piece

  5. You are so so right, I agree with every single word you say about naming. But sadly, these large corporations employ a lot of idiots, and at high level positions, so I don't hold much hope of things improving. You really have to wonder what is wrong with the brains of these people. They don't have the slightest conception of order. I suspect it's because they're promoting more and more SJWs.

  6. What do you think about the so-called "Limited Edition Keyone Mercury Black Device By Blackberry Made By Optiemus Infracom"? (let's just call it Limited Edition Black instead)

  7. Who said they need you to understand tiers & progression?
    Companies only need you to understand their flagship. They win by consumers just buying whatever is being marketed/promoted when talking less than flagships. They win by targeting brand recognition over "my phone is better or newer than yours". Because eventually they will upgrade in the same brand.

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