Le meilleur smartphone 2019? – ft MKBHD

25 questions avec Marques Brownlee / MKBHD, y compris nos meilleurs smartphones de 2019, ainsi que des téléphones … moins … prospères. Pour plus de vidéos sur Shoe -…. je veux dire … Tech, consultez la chaîne de Marques ici:
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42 thoughts on “Le meilleur smartphone 2019? – ft MKBHD

  1. Woah woah woah, you would recommend to a nokia user to buy a $1000 apple phone? That was a huge red flag in this video, like what do you recommend to someone in a 20 year old car? A super car? Where is the logic? Yeah you can text and call on it but you can literally do that with any other smart phone, hey, guess what would be cool in a super car? A fucking fridge, hope selling your house for that running refrigerator was worth it because if you are not using it for stupid jokes, you are not getting value out of it

  2. I like your video very much, I like your style and pronunciation but one thing is very annoying in most of your videos is Zoom In – Zoom Out most of the time (there's no transition between them it's flat).

    That's all. Thank you.

  3. and can you please do a review on a really old phone!!! htc tytn 2!! that was my first smartphone and I didn't notice any review of it from you !!!

  4. I love you guys like crazy, especially #MrWhosetheboss(thanks for making me not buy a phone when I wanted to, #note 9 vs #mate 20 pro)……..I cant say ive watched all of your reviews, but I can say ive spent a lot of time on the channel …….#mkbhd, #linus, #unbox_therapy(lew andwill), #gsm_arena, #Austin, #Jonah, #phones_arena,etc.you guys really opened my mind on things about gadgets, especially smartphones, keywords and real tiny details……..ive been a smartphone reviewer locally where I stay, but with no videos since the age of 11(2006), telling people what phones to buy and reasons they should buy them etc..….and #MrWhosetheboss, I like the way you talk too….hoping to see you sometime in the future!!! and hoping to see the others too….mkbhd, linus and lew n will

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