Le smartphone V50 de LG a deux écrans!

Le LG V50 est l’un des smartphones les plus insolites de 2019. Il est doté d’un accessoire double écran qui double l’image de l’écran. Le LG V50 est également le premier smartphone compatible 5G que j'ai eu en studio.

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30 thoughts on “Le smartphone V50 de LG a deux écrans!

  1. When will they miniaturized the headphone jack I mean the cell phone went from a brick to almost sponge size instead of doing away with it just make it smaller I mean that is possible right?

  2. Man LG was great. Loved my v40 right until it downloaded the Android update and bugged out. Couldn't even use dual screen without it lagging and crashing smh.

  3. This phone is definitely under rated. Still has expandable storage, a head phone jack and a great dual screen accessory? Hopefully the software lasts and doesn't get buggy quick

  4. I love LG G and V series phones, they always had features that were useful and were not available in other high end phones until recently in the last 2 years, unfortunately i ended up switching to the Google pixel phones because i could not get over how slow LG was to rolling out updates, i still miss some features from my old LG phones

  5. he has always a complain but is never satisfied im curios what kind phone will he make in the future sure he will be also but some flaws in his phone ofcourse not every phone is gona perfect cos of the price of the phone was perfect the people will be keep using them then there is no new phone

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