Les smartphones meurent – C’est ce qui vient ensuite.

Les smartphones Android et iOS tels que nous les connaissons ne sont pas la destination finale.
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25 thoughts on “Les smartphones meurent – C’est ce qui vient ensuite.

  1. Quick heads up, no, your eyes are not failing you – Just noticed the video is running at a weird framerate, must have been a rendering error! If you could stick with it anyways, that would be massively appreciated 🙏

  2. If Apple locks people into their ecosystem with a subscription service wheres the incentive to continue chasing performance, why would Apple bother? Cell phones are at critical mass, I have had my Galaxy S8+ since new and it is still a great phone, but no smartphone maker has convinced me enough to upgrade yet. The days of buying a new phone for the sake of it has gone as far as I'm concerned, and with slowing sales, I'd say a lot of people agree.

  3. You do NOT want implant technologies. Not for your recreational activities.

    The difference is that you can walk away from your phone now, whereas implants cannot be walked away from.
    There NEEDS to be a physical separation between technology and biology, albeit with exceptions to medical purposes for the benefit of humanity.
    This does not apply to your phone, entertainment, media outlet. A person with no disability has no need for an implant device for any reason.

    I assure you, that is a rabbit hole we do not want to go down.

  4. A few issues with this in my opinion.

    1. The biggest thing about wearables life smart watches is they have to be comfortable. I would personally never buy a smart watch. Not because I don't think they have any value. They do. It's because they are annoying to wear.

    2. Voice control is great but using them requires potentially annoying other people and providing less privacy. I'm not going to use voice control in places like a train or the office. They'll mostly be limited to the car or home.

  5. I remember Steve Jobs talking about the iPad when it came out and smaller android tablets were coming out. When asked if Apple was worried about these smaller ones he laughed and scoffed at the smaller tablets saying they aren't practical. The screens are too small for people's fingers.
    Me: But iPhone screen is even smaller.
    Apple: Oh just wait until we come out with our Apple Watch and see how small that screen will be.

  6. Interesting view but one thing most people dont realise is we dont need 5G. It's a scam because the bandwidth for 4G is not being fully utilized. The networks subvert it for who knows what. 4G is capable of 30Mbps but I recommend anyone to do a speed test on their devices and they will more like see 5Mbps to 10mbps or in really bad places 2Mbps. So why do we need up to 10Gbps well simple… to spy on us by using the very short wave to do something similar to sonar imaging but better. That's why they need so many antennas. Everything will be viewable for them so no need for CCTV and the real licker is they have AI to monitor everything that's why there's a big push to teach AI image recognition. Modern tech development is no longer for our benefit but more for control. #How do you effectively manage 7Billion plus people? Think about it 😎

  7. Man you are the BOSS!! Best tech content on YouTube. My brain went into hyperdrive hearing what you had to say. I'm a visionary through and through. My mind was in constant vision during your vlog. I write professionally about mobile tech but my insight is based more on, for example Huawei Honor where I wrote 4 years ago about them becoming the mobile industry's third major OS which they in fact had been planning all that time but I didnt see Apple and Google coming that would force their hand to separate themselves from android as I wrote they would around the 5g era. Anyone who has insight and doesn't mind sharing it because of the backlash you initially receive has my highest respect. Awesome vlog man.

  8. 5G technology has so little reach it requires too much to built a covering network (up to several thousand times the amount of antennas per amount of surface covered, not even included the requirement for several antennas vertically!) and so far has not even been proven to be able to penetrate built structures (not a small problem), and is so unpleasant as a result of its public image that comes with the bandwith frequencies it intends to use etc, and on top is so enormously overdone, .. it simply is not feasible

  9. Great observation, we were talking about it that too. I noticed that phones were getting smaller & smaller back in day, but it started to get bigger. I still want the big phone for movies & games. But yeah we also see glasses coming into play. Great vid

  10. 5G is like saying drinking turpentine is good for you! Is NO ONE studying what 5G is doing? As soon as you endorsed 5G…I left the video(4:35).

  11. 😎 i disagree. Unless the wearable is for the eye. We reach for our phone to what ??..To watch. To look.. To visualize. A wearable must project a screen!! On what? A wall.. A surface.. Want to watch ? Anything?? Read anything?? Write anything??. Stand by a wall?!?!?. And project???No .no. No. Google glass was proven to be impractical for so many resons. We we be useing our smartphones for many more years to come, actually we are just getting started . some people lack common sense, i.e the same sense most have in common..

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