Nous aurons peut-être un nouveau champion de valeur pour smartphone …

Le Realme X2 Pro est un smartphone doté d'un écran OLED à 90Hz, d'un Snapdragron 855+, d'une charge de 50 watts et d'une mémoire pouvant atteindre 12 Go. Une fiche technique de niveau phare pour un prix d'environ 450 $ US.

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47 thoughts on “Nous aurons peut-être un nouveau champion de valeur pour smartphone …

  1. Hi everyone. I bought this x2 pro last week but i am having a problem with WhatsApp, i can't ser the messages until i open the app. I have tried everything but the problem Is still there. Does someone could help me? . Thank you very much.

  2. Meanwhile there is me, using a 6 years old iPhone, wondering how much longer it will survive.

    Also wondering if a phone like this will ever be able to survive this long.

  3. Camera on the X2 Pro is not as good as the oneplus camera if you look at comparison shots, and prices are about the same so oneplus 7t or 7 pro are easily the winners. If it was the price of the k20 pro then maybe, but right now it's too expensive for what you get.

  4. if this phone got android 1 with android uodates from time to time this has to be the legit flagship killer, however it only comes with your standard android os so it means no guarantee of software or future upfate after 2years. this will become extent

  5. Convenience vs Security is no brainer for me. From now on I'll leave my appartments front door always unlocked for quicker accessibility. Convenience all the way!

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