Places to Visit in Germany

We love exploring Europe, but we are just as fond of the excursion destinations in Germany. Why journey halfway around the world when your own country boasts a plethora of stunning places and sights? We present to you the finest excursion choices in Germany, ranging from national parks to fairytale castles and majestic mountains. Let the adventures commence!

1 – Neuschwanstein Castle :

A fairytale castle fit for Disney moments
Numerous turrets and bay windows – did Walt Disney contribute to this? Not exactly. Neuschwanstein Castle was constructed by King Ludwig II of Bavaria. The castle notably inspired the Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland. Understandably, it’s among Germany’s most picturesque landmarks. An essential visit, it stands atop a hill near Füssen. Don’t miss the grand throne room and the charming bedrooms within the castle. Additionally, a stalactite cave leads to the winter garden – a splendid feature, indeed.

2 – Saar Loop :

Germany’s most beautiful spots are natural marvels
The Saar loop in lovely Saarland springs to mind when considering Germany’s most beautiful locales. This natural wonder starts near Besseringen and concludes in Mettlach. Although a mere two kilometers apart in a straight line, the Saar river chooses a ten-kilometer scenic route instead. It carves through mountainous terrain, encircles a ridge, and flows in a dramatic 180-degree bend through a deep valley – truly a natural spectacle. The Cloef viewpoint and the canopy walkway offer panoramic vistas.

3 – Blautopf :

Mystical sites in Germany glow in blue-turquoise
Have you visited places teeming with mystical aura? The karst spring in Blaubeuren is one such location. Nestled at the Swabian Alb’s edge, surrounded by dense forests, the water radiates an intense blue-turquoise hue. Locals once believed the spring was tinged with ink. Nowadays, we understand that light scattering creates this color effect. Legend has it, a mermaid resides here. While unseen by us, one thing is clear: Germany’s excursion sites are rarely more mystical. The Blautopf should be on your bucket list, offering a magical experience.

4 – Bastei :

German landmarks for the ultimate panoramic thrill
The Bastei, the most renowned rock formation in Saxon Switzerland, stands as one of Germany’s most spectacular landmarks. It’s accessible by car, but for a true adventure, trek through the rugged terrain. With gently undulating forests and towering stones, the Bastei Bridge provides memorable vistas. The Neurathen rock castle, located just behind the bridge, also affords excellent views. The finest panoramic sight of the bridge and the Elbe Sandstone Mountains is from Ferdinandstein. Hence, lace up your hiking boots for an exhilarating panoramic experience!

5 – Wutach Gorge :

Adventurers, take note!
Known as Germany’s “largest canyon,” the Wutach Gorge in the High Black Forest, along with its tributaries, forms an expansive primeval landscape. With towering rocks, narrow paths, untouched forests, and murmuring waterfalls, this gorge offers genuine micro-adventures. To thoroughly explore the region, a 5-hour riverside tour is recommended. Additionally, visiting the Enge and Gauchach gorges is a must.

6 – Western Pomerania Lagoon Area :

The beach beckons
Is it possible to walk through a rustic forest to reach the beach? Absolutely, in the Western Pomerania Lagoon Area National Park! Situated between the Darß-Zingst peninsula and Rügen’s west coast, this region is marked by rustic forests, dunes, cliffs, and lagoons, offering a unique escape. It’s ideal for unwinding and breathing deeply, preferably with your smartphone in flight mode. Listen to the whispering trees and the roaring sea. With some luck, you might spot seals, deer, and stags. In the Western Pomerania Lagoon area, nature remains unspoiled, making it one of our top excursion picks in Germany.

7 – Mainau Island :

A colorful paradise in Lake Constance
Do you adore colorful flowers, butterflies, and palm trees? Then Mainau Island is your must-visit destination. As the third largest island in Lake Constance, it stands out as one of Germany’s most vibrant excursion sites. Beyond a sea of flowers, you’ll find attractions like the baroque palace, the palace church, the butterfly house, and the Mediterranean terraces. Sightseeing, idyllic strolls, and sunbathing with a view of the lake – there are hardly better places for these activities. Want to experience paradise for a day? This is precisely where you should be!

8 – Rothenburg ob der Tauber :

A journey back to the Middle Ages
Situated in northern Bavaria, Rothenburg ob der Tauber is a town enveloped in magic. Renowned for its historic old town, it features colorful timber-framed houses, towers, gates, winding streets, fountains, and wine bars – all evoking a pure medieval ambiance. In the town center stands the impressive city hall with a tower you can ascend – all 220 steps of it. The effort is rewarding, offering a magnificent view over the city and the Tauber Valley. See for yourself – you’re bound to adore this German gem!

9 – Berchtesgaden National Park :

A journey offering the perfect outdoor experience
In Bavaria’s southeast lies Berchtesgaden National Park, alongside the stunning Königssee. With its crystal-clear waters and serpentine shape, the lake resembles a Nordic fjord, yet you are in the Alps, in a unique natural paradise. Swim in Königssee, take a boat to the St. Bartholomä peninsula, explore hiking trails, traverse suspension bridges, and wander through the enchanting fairytale forest – the outdoor possibilities here are virtually limitless. Beyond the national park, Berchtesgaden’s center awaits with fascinating attractions. For a diverse short trip in Germany, head to Berchtesgaden!

10 – Zugspitze :

A short trip to Germany offering a thrill
We adore stunning views, and what better place to enjoy them than atop Germany’s highest peak? The Zugspitze, located southwest of Garmisch-Partenkirchen in Bavaria, is our next stop. Fear not, you needn’t be an expert mountaineer to scale this giant. The cable car facilitates an effortless ascent through forests and meadows, reaching approximately 2,964 meters to Germany’s summit. The views here are unparalleled, promising high alpine exhilaration!

11 – Lake Constance :

A haven for water enthusiasts
Planning a brief vacation in Germany to relish the sunshine and waves? Fancy walking barefoot on the beach and diving into the water from a paddle boat? Lake Constance is the place to turn these desires into reality. With relaxing beaches, charming sites, and a plethora of water sports, boredom is not an option. The lake is surrounded by numerous cycling and hiking paths. Keen to discover Lake Constance’s finest excursion spots? Let our article inspire you.

12 – Dresden :

Germany’s destination for urban explorers
Dresden ranks among Germany’s most beautiful cities, thanks to the stunning contrast between the grandeur of the old town and the vibrancy of the new town. Must-visits include the Zwinger and the Frauenkirche, along with a tour of the State Opera. Afterwards, enjoy a leisurely riverside walk, explore the city, or indulge in shopping. If city life becomes overwhelming, the surrounding Dresden area offers serene escapes with old estates, beautiful castles, and nature.

13 – Harz :

The ideal getaway for the indecisive
The Harz region is a top choice for a short break in Germany, perfect for both winter skiing and summer hiking or biking. Ascend the Brocken by narrow-gauge railway and explore the Harz National Park – a variety that’s hard to beat. Unsure between adventure and relaxation? The Harz offers both. The Schindelbruch nature resort, with its extensive wellness area including a pool, sauna, and rooftop terrace, provides ample relaxation.

14 – Rügen :

A paradise for maritime enthusiasts
Yearning for a seaside holiday? Consider Rügen for your next vacation. With endless sandy beaches, picturesque cliffs, and abundant nature, it’s a haven for visitors. The Jasmund National Park’s colossal chalk cliffs are a must-see. Enjoy a ride on the Racing Roland and discover the myriad of hiking and cycling trails. Rügen is also a haven for water sports enthusiasts. Slow down, breathe in the refreshing Baltic air, and savor the sunsets!

15 – Garmisch-Partenkirchen :

Become a summiteer
When it comes to vacations in Germany, the mountains are a must, and Garmisch-Partenkirchen has plenty to offer. Here, you can truly indulge in the thrill of the outdoors: embark on challenging climbing tours to savor the mountain atmosphere, go on exciting hikes, and be captivated by the Zugspitze’s lofty heights. Explore the wild Partnach Gorge with its steep rock faces. For a more relaxed experience: enjoy paddling, bask in the sun by the lake, or take a leisurely walk through the old town. We wish you an amazing time!

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