Top 5 des meilleurs smartphones de 2019 … à ce jour

Quels smartphones 2019 sont les meilleurs? Voici mon Top 5 des smartphones pour 2019!
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22 thoughts on “Top 5 des meilleurs smartphones de 2019 … à ce jour

  1. Take some time to review the basic function of the iPhone 11. Do comparison on incoming call ringing volume, keyboard display which iPhone 11 has a strange space below the keyboard which is wasted space in my opinion. The globe icon can be place on the keyboard itself and the useless microphone icon is there as well. What is the purpose? Also do comparison on the brightness of the flash. The iPhone flash is so dim compared to the other smart phones. The apps that has selections at the corners are all cut off partially because of the rounded edge of the iPhone display. There is no such thing happening on the Note series. Full display compromising usage is not acceptable. All reviewers on YouTube just talk about the speed test, battery test and the cameras. Besides this, basic functions should be tested as well for clear comparison.

  2. My husband got himself a OnePlus and dumped his google pixel. To be honest I'm quite impressed with the quality of OnePlus. Better than my Samsung and Pixel.

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